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What is your cancellation or withdrawal policy?

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Please note: Effective March 1, 2016:

1. Missed appointments for students who have scheduled an exam or an on-demand course without 5 business day notice results in a $20 fee (we turn students away to reserve & guarantee your spot here).

2. Make-up sessions for all courses that are 4 evenings or less has a mandatory $30 fee to make-up (each time you need to make up) otherwise you may wait until that session is offered again without paying a fee.

3. If a student is given a warning to stop being disruptive in class (talking or texting on their phone during class instruction or talking with others during a lesson or video segment) they will be removed from class with NO REFUND of their tuition. Only one warning will be given. People are here to learn and this is not fair to your fellow students.

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Below are some video segments of some live classes in session (notice we try to make learning FUN)...