To register on weekends, afterhours or holidays, email us at wnysre@aol.com and someone from our Technical Services Department will call you back. (Be sure to leave a clear message with your name, area code and phone numbers and the best time you can be reached).

      Click here for a printable list of NYS-Approved "AT HOME" COURSES

      1. Architectural Initiatives, Interior Decorating & Historic Landmarks 22.5 hrs $99.99

      Learn why buildings are built the way they are, how colors go together (and don't), what a person can do to make a room seem bigger on a budget, how to estimate and calculate for carpeting, tile and other flooring in a home, creative window treatments (and how to measure windows), what exact characteristics makes a Georgian Colonial different from a Greek Revival different from a Colonial Revival home, etc. You will also learn about the interesting history of New York City Skyscrapers and famous buildings and review all the State's National Historic Landmarks. Includes Fair Housing if you need it!

      2. Home Inspection: Theory & Practices 22.5 hrs $99.99

      If you ever took our previous Home Inspection Techniques course - you're in for a big surprise! This new and completely overhauled course gives you soup to nuts and an additional 8 course meal. You will learn all about the construction process, the mechanics (heating, electrical, air-conditioning, plumbing), wood-destroying insects and wood-destroying mold/fungus, drainage, roof & fireplace considerations, insulation and home energy issues, electromagnetic fields and underground storage tanks. Includes Fair Housing if you need it!

      3. Keeping Out of Trouble: Understanding New York Laws 22.5 hrs $99.99

      This is great program to take if you are considering taking the brokers course or re-activating a real estate license as substantial review topics are included within this course. Topics include: understanding the court system, reviews of court cases and outcomes, the American's with Disabilities Act, rules that affect all owners of multiple dwellings in our State, Fair Housing law review, licenses, conveyance issues and notary public law reviews, Article 12A & 12C (for apartment information & sharing agents), commercial leases and general lease considerations that can impact the transactions, frequently used terminology, escalation clauses, conversion, breach of contract, sub-landlord issues and tenancies, condominium & cooperative rules including homeowner association issues, review of real estate tax tips, small business issues in New York State, 1031 Tax Free Exchanges, and a general legal terms review. Includes Fair Housing if you need it!

      4. Wall Street vs. Main Street 22.5 hrs $99.99

      Do you want to learn more about the differences between real estate as an investment when compared to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and REITS (real estate investment trusts) - then this course is for you. You will also learn how to value all kinds of investment assets including income producing properties, various capital assets and more. While there are practice exercises throughout the course, please remember, you don't have to pass any tests to successfully complete or proceed through the program. Includes Fair Housing if you need it!

      5. Develop A Better Market Analysis 22.5 hrs $99.99

      Finally an appraisal course developed for real estate agents & brokers. Learn all about construction, how to use the sales, cost & income approaches to value, FHA standards for items such as excess land, handling snow on roofs, and other safety issues. Other items of interest include: water rights and community development as well as a comprehensive list of adjustments to use when making adjustments on your own market analysis. Includes Fair Housing if you need it!

      6. NEW! New York Notary Public Training & Law Program 15 hrs $79 **NEW**

      Learn everything you need to know in this comprehensive training program to become commissioned as a NYS Notary Public. No continuing education is granted for agent/broker license renewal. Students have 6 months from the date of registration to complete this program.

      7. Real Estate Topics for the Decade 7.5 hrs $55

      For those agents who don't need all of their hours, this is a nice way to survey a variety of relevant topics. You will learn about the role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), what a Brownfield is and legislation that impacts these properties, a thorough review of the Energy Star program and how it applies to new and existing construction, and the course concludes with a comprehensive overview of wetlands and their impact on the overall environment.

      8. Mold, Lead & Radon in the Home 4.25 hrs $45

      Here's the latest information on the biggest problem to hit real estate since the start of the new millennium. Everything's covered from insurance company issues to steps an individual homeowner can take to prevent a further problems. Comprehensive lead & radon issues are also included..

      9. Understanding Covenants & Surveys 3.75 hrs $40

      You will learn all about the surveying process, what makes some surveys cost more than others, legal descriptions, the various types of deeds used in New York State, rules on restrictive covenants, easements and more. A required program in the Paralegal Certification series.

      10. Assessments, Taxes & Exemptions 3 hrs $35

      If you ever wanted to learn more about real property assessments and the tax system, this is the course for you. You will also learn about the STAR and it's various related exemptions, the Veteran's, Age & Disabled exemptions conclude the program. A requirement for the Online Paralegal Program.

      11. Fair Housing Issues in New York 3 hrs $35 **NEW**

      This course will satisfy your requirements for licensees expiring after July 1, 2008 (and then needed by everyone non-exempt once every two years). If you sign up for a 22.5 hour online course at the SAME time, you can deduct $10 from the price of this course (not available with any other discounts however). .

      12. Ethics in New York State 2.5 hrs $25

      This course will satisfy your requirement as a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) due once every four years for periods ending 01/01/12 and 12/31/16. Accepted by the following Boards: Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors, Rochester Board of Realtors, Hamptons & North Fork Realtors Assoc., Brooklyn Board, Chautauqua & Cattaraugus Boards, Albany Association, Watertown Board, Staten Island Board of Realtors, Otsego Board, Elmira-Corning Board and the Genesee Valley (Steuben) Board of Realtors. No state CE credit is allowed (because this course is less than 3 hrs). Only NAR credit is granted.

      IF YOU COMPARE ANY OTHER SCHOOL'S ON-LINE CURRICULUM TO OURS - BE SURE THAT THEY DON'T REQUIRE TESTS AND THAT THEY MEET NEW YORK'S REQUIREMENTS FOR ON-LINE COURSES (effective 1/1/04). At the Western NY School of Real Estate, you'll never need to pass a test in order to earn your continuing education credit. Your active participation in the course is all that matters (as per NYS D.O.S. guidelines). Most other schools buy pre-made courses from national providers and since most other State's require that "their" agents pass a test to earn credit there - NY licensees who take courses from these types of schools get stuck having to pass a test to get their certificates "here".

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