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Please note: Effective March 1, 2016:

1. Missed appointments for students who have scheduled an exam or an on-demand course without 5 business day notice results in a $20 fee (we turn students away to reserve & guarantee your spot here).

2. Make-up sessions for all courses that are 4 evenings or less has a mandatory $30 fee to make-up (each time you need to make up) otherwise you may wait until that session is offered again without paying a fee.

3. If a student is given a warning to stop being disruptive in class (talking or texting on their phone during class instruction or talking with others during a lesson or video segment) they will be removed from class with NO REFUND of their tuition. Only one warning will be given. People are here to learn and this is not fair to your fellow students.

4. The school is not responsible for any licensing or association fees that may be required to join your respective field (real estate, home inspection, etc). In other words, if you have to join the Buffalo Association of Realtors in order to use your real estate license, we do not pay your fees to the Board of Realty in order to list/sell. If you are a home inspector and upgrade your package by taking the radon course we offer through our affiliate relationship, we DO NOT pay for your fees to associate with the National Safety Radon Board "NSRB" so that you can be listed as qualified in NYS. Similarly, we DO NOT pay for you to take ANY state exam, whether real estate, home inspection, pest/wood technician, etc. YOU pay state licensing and associated fees DIRECTLY yourself to governmental entities. For real estate, examples of fees we DO NOT PAY includes the $15-25 required for the state test, $50 license fee, etc. For Home inspection, we DO NOT pay for your NY state exam fee, biennial license fee, continuing education fees, fees associated with earning your Pest / Wood Technician test/license fee paid to the NYS Dept of Conservation, any pest or radon associations you choose to join, etc. For professional home stagers we do not cover any type of association or national dues/fees, etc. Overall, WE ONLY PROVIDE the QUALIFYING OR CONTINUING EDUCATION necessary to prepare you for the field or maintain the appropriate license you wish to earn (or maintain). YOU ARE URGED to CAREFULLY and INDEPENDENTLY INVESTIGATE any additional certifications you wish to earn for whichever license or certification you would like to complete or upgrade to as a result of the education we provide.

5. Students who opt to pay 50% of the 75 hour evening licensing course must pay the balance within 30 calendar days or sooner. If that date falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or legal Federal holiday), it is YOUR responsibility to make payment on the business day that precedes the 30th day otherwise you are subject to the $50 late fee as outlined in your course contract agreed to the day you started attending our school.

6. Office hours are noted on our front door and vary during the year based on "summer hours", "holiday hours", etc. Students as well as the general public are advised to always call us at (716) 633-9009 or if you do NOT reach a representative, TEXT us 24 hours a day at (914) 768-8797 and let us know when you'd like to come in to speak with us face to face, make payment, make up a class, etc. We are not responsible if you make a trip out to the school and assume we are here.

7. Students enrolled in our licensing courses such as Real Estate Salesperson, Broker, Home Inspection, etc. MUST schedule with the office to take their course or module final exams unless directed by their instructor/proctor otherwise. All exams are closed-book closed-note. If you refer to notes or reference materials of any sort, you forfeit that examination result and will receive a zero grade for that attempt.

8. Please note: we are a NYS accredited real estate school, as such, we DO NOT administer New York State examinations, only NYS approved course final exams, in order to earn your course completion certificate. State exams are given and controlled wholly by the respective state entity responsible for the particular license or certification you wish to obtain.

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